Former Cardinals in the Pro's

Drafted into the Major Leagues of Baseball:

    2001: Philip Sobkow, Round 44, Detroit Tigers
    2002: David Parker, Round 43, Los Angeles Dodgers
    2003: Philip Sobkow, Round 10, Los Angeles Dodgers
    2004: Brian Hoff, Round 27, Florida Marlins
    2005: Anthony Claggett, Round 11, Detroit Tigers
    2006: Rylan Hanks, Round 23, Florida Marlins
    2007: Dan Runzler, Round 9, San Francisco Giants
    2007: Nicholas Longmire, Round 37, Oakland Athletics
    2006: JJ Leaper, Round 38, New York Mets
    2010: JJ Leaper, Signed Free-Agent contract with Kansas City Royals and pitched in the Appalachian League with the Burlington Royals.
    2010: Andrelton Simmons Round 2, Atlanta Braves. Signed.
    2010: Dillon Wilson, Round 43, Kansas City Royals. Did not sign, currently at University of Arkansas, Little Rock.
    2011: Blair Walters, Round 11, Chicago White Sox. Traded to Houston Astros in 2012. Last team Winston-Salem.
    2011 : Chris Cox, Round 39, Toronto Blue Jays.
    2012 : Stuart Pudenz, Round 13, Oakland A's. Vermont Lake Monsters NY-Penn League.
    2012 : Stephen Johnson Round 6, San Francisco Giants. 2012 team Salem-Keizer Volcanoes.

Players signing free agent professional contracts:

    2006: Aaron Cotter, Seattle Mariners
    2007: Wayne Kendrick, Cincinnati Reds
    2012 : Chris Cox, Arizona Diamondbacks (Nov. 2012)

    2017: Kody Rock, Milwaukee Brewers

Players signing independent league professional contracts:

    2004: Jason Collette, Long Beach Armada
    2004: John Martinez, Chillicote Paint
    2007: Nick Salotti, Florence Freedom
    2007: Craig Trent, Florence Freedom
    2012: Chris Cox, Quebec Capitales (April 2012) (Finished season as the 2nd best Prospect in Independent baseball). Baseball America.

    2014: Felix Brown, Trois Rivieres Aigles

    2017: Dondrei Hubbard, Melbourne Aces (Australian Baseball League)